Tuesday, August 21, 2018



Nomination Form  (Excel Spreadhseet format)  pdf_icon.gif
Allocated Bridle Numbers for NDHD Members. Please contact Sonja if you have any questions ndhdnominations@gmail.com  pdf_icon.gif
Horse Health Declaration Form  pdf_icon.gif

 Please make sure your helmet meets current safety standards. If your helmet does not meet safety standards you will not be able to ride. 

Proposed Events Calendar for 2018
*All dates may be subject to change


Event Details

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15th July 2018 Clinic 

Matthew Lord & Julianne Reardon

29th July 2018  Members Only Day (Series 1)  5PM 13th July 2018 -
Please email ndhddressage@gmail.com
for nomination form for classes 1-4


12th August 2018 Members Only Day (Series 2)

5PM 13th July 2018



26th August 2018 Members Only Day (Series 3)

5PM 13th July 2018


9th September 2018 Clinic      
28th October 2018 Members Only Day      
4th November 2018 FUN DAY!  Possibly Cancelled  Festival Of Dressage Same Day    

 Please see our facebook page for results.

Open monthly meetings second Wednesday of each month. 

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