Thursday, February 21, 2019


NDHD Club Rules, Regulations and Policies


pdf_icon.gif Club Constitution (amendments 1988)

Social Media Policy

pdf_icon.gif Club Rules and Regulations including Trophy Scoring system
pdf_icon.gif Code of Conduct for Members and Competitors (EA) (coming soon)
pdf_icon.gif Code of Conduct for the Welfare of the Horse (FEI) (coming soon)
pdf_icon.gif Code of Conduct for Parents and Guardians (EA) (coming soon)
pdf_icon.gif Drug Use Disciplinary Policy (written August 2010)
pdf_icon.gif Risk Management Policy (updated December 2016)
pdf_icon.gif First Aid Policy (updated February 2010)
pdf_icon.gif Refund Policy (updated March 2010)
pdf_icon.gif Refund Request Form (updated March 2010)
pdf_icon.gifEquipment Hire Agreement (updated September 2019)

pdf_icon.gif Grievances & Disputes Policy (coming soon)

pdf_icon.gif Smoke-Free Policy (updated February 2010)
pdf_icon.gif Stallion Safe Practice Guidelines (updated November 2010)
pdf_icon.gif Extreme Weather Policy (updated February 2010)
pdf_icon.gif Members Expense reimbursement Form (updated February 2010)
pdf_icon.gif Volunteers Blue Card & Child Protection Policy (updated February 2010)
pdf_icon.gif Anti-Doping Policy 2009 (EA)
pdf_icon.gif Prohibited Substances List 2010 (FEI)

pdf_icon.gif2011 EA Show Horse Rules & Guidelines

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